Fondation Pierre Bourdieu

The "Fondation Pierre Bourdieu - For a European Research Space in Social Sciences" was founded in Geneva in March 2005. It is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of critical social theory and research associated with the man after whom it is named and coordinating an international network of congenial researchers.

The "Fondation Pierre Bourdieu - For a European Research-Space in Social Sciences" aims 

  • to further develop and intensify the forms of critical, intervening sociology exemplarily practised by Pierre Bourdieu
  • to build an international and interdisciplinary network of committed critical social research by providing an internet platform, organising colloquia, and supporting seminal initiatives
  • to overcome national barriers and cultural filters hindering the free circulation of scientific and intellectual assets
  • to abolish artificial paradigmatic boundaries and constraints and to integrate quantitative and qualitative, explanatory and comprehending approaches to theory and research in the social sciences
  • to initiate public discourse on important social issues and political commitment in the tradition of raisons d’agir and exchange between social science research and social movements