The Project ESSE completed

The Project ESSE – For a European Research Space in Social Sciences has been completed.


From 2004 to 2009, ESSE brought together researchers from various countries within and outside of Europe. Many of the 17 conferences on different topics such as The Translation and international circulation of Ideas (2006) have also been followed up by conference proceedings and other publications (see list below). The foundation of the transnational and interdisciplinary journal TRANSEO that deals with the modes of production and the usages of culture, literature and science has been another continuing benefit.

For the Foundation Bourdieu, ESSE has not only been a decisive preparatory means but also one of the largest and most exemplary research projects to date. The Foundation succeeds ESSE in the coordination of the international network of researchers and critical social research associated with Pierre Bourdieu.

ESSE was funded by the Sixth EU Framework Programme.

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Selected collective volumes resulting from ESSE:

Panayotopoulos, Nikos (ed.) (2006), Autour de la notion de Champ. Rethymno: Presse de l'Université de Crête.

Clément, Fabrice, Roca i Escoda, Marta, Schultheis, Franz and Berclaz, Michel (eds.) (2006), L’inconscient académique, Zurich: Seismo.

Roca i Escoda, Marta et Panayotopoulos, Nikos (eds.) (2007), Structures sociales en transformation. Approches théoriques, méthodologiques et empiriques, Rethymno: Presse de l'Université de Crète, 2007.

Heilbron, Johan (ed.) (2008), Traditions nationales en sciences sociales. Special volume of the journal “Revue d’histoire des sciences humaines” (no.18). Auxerre: Sciences humaines Éditions.

Schultheis, Franz et al. (eds.) (2008), Le cauchemar de Humboldt. Les réformes de l'enseignement supérieur européen. Paris: Raisons d'agir.

Sapiro, Gisèle (ed.) (2009), Les contradictions de la globalisation éditoriale. Paris: Nouveau Mondes Éditions.

Pinto, Louis (ed.) (2009), Le commerce des idées philosophiques. Paris: Editions du Croquant.

Sapiro, Gisèle (ed.) (2009), L'espace intellectuel en Europe. De la formation des États-nations à la mondialisation. XIXe-XXIe siècle. Paris: La Découverte.

Boschetti, Anna (ed.) (2010), L'espace culturel transnational. Paris: Nouveau Mondes Éditions. 

Christin, Olivier (ed.) (2010), Dictionnaire des Concepts Nomades des Sciences Sociales. Paris: Métailié