Author(s) Year of Publication Title Type Place of Publication Language Topic(s)
Pierre Bourdieu, Franz Schultheis, Christine Frisinghelli 2012 Picturing Algeria Edited volume Columbia University Press English Algeria
Schultheis, Franz; Frisinghelli, Christine & Andrea Rapini 2012 Pierre Bourdieu. In Algeria. Immagini dello sradicamento Edited volume Rome Italian Algeria
Speller, John R.W. 2011 Bourdieu and Literature Monograph Cambridge: Open Book Publishers English sociology of literature
sociology of intellectuals
cultural sociology
Schultheis, Franz; Frauenfelder, Arnaud; Delay, Christophe; Pigot, Nathalie et al. 2009 Les Classes Populaires aujourd'hui : Portraits de familles, cadres sociologiques Edited volume Paris: L'Harmattan French sociology
Revue AGONE no. 46 2011 Apprendre le travail Journal volume Marseille French sociology of work
economic sociology
Education sociology
Gabriella Paolucci 2011 Introduzione a Bourdieu Monograph Roma: Editori Laterza Italian general sociology
sociology of intellectuals
cultural sociology
Bourdieu, Pierre 2012 Sur l'État. Cours au Collège de France (1989-1992) Monograph Paris: Seuil French Sociology of the State
Robbins, Derek 2011 French Post-War Social Theory. International Knowledge Transfer Monograph London English sociology
Epistemology of social sciences
Christin, Olivier (ed.) 2010 Dictionnaire des Concepts Nomades des Sciences Sociales Edited volume Paris: Métailié French Epistemology of social sciences
sociology of intellectuals
Yves Dezalay and Bryant Garth 2011 Lawyers and the Construction of Transnational Justice Edited volume London: Routledge English sociology of law
sociology of internationalization

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