Author(s) Year of Publication Title Type Place of Publication  Language Topic(s)
Lenger, Alexander, Schneickert, Christian and Schumacher, Florian 2013 Pierre Bourdieus Konzeption des Habitus Edited volume Wiesbaden:VS Springer German distinction
Sociology of science
Epistemology of social sciences
Proißl, Martin 2014 Adorno und Bourdieu. Ein Theorievergleich Monograph Wiesbaden: Springer VS German Epistemology of social sciences
cultural sociology
social theory
Schäfer, Heinrich Wilhelm 2015 HabitusAnalysis 1. Epistemology and Language Monograph Wiesbaden: Springer English social theory
Pierre Bourdieu
Schultheis, Franz; Egger, Stephan; Perrig-Chiello, Pasqualina 2009 Enfance et jeunesse en Suisse Edited volume Weinheim et Bâle : Éditions Beltz French sociology
Goodman, Jane E.; Silverstein, Paul A. (ed.) 2009 Bourdieu in Algeria. Colonial Politics, Ethnographic Practices, Theoretical Developments Edited volume University of Nebraska Press English anthropology
social theory
Paolucci, Gabriella 2010 Bourdieu dopo Bourdieu Edited volume Torino: UTET Italian sociology of intellectuals
Schmitz, Andreas 2016 The Structure of Digital Partner Choice - A Bourdieusian perspective Monograph Springer International English sociology
Schultheis, Franz; Frisinghelli, Christine & Andrea Rapini 2012 Pierre Bourdieu. In Algeria. Immagini dello sradicamento Edited volume Rome Italian Algeria
Gabriella Paolucci 2011 Introduzione a Bourdieu Monograph Roma: Editori Laterza Italian general sociology
sociology of intellectuals
cultural sociology
Virgílio Borges Pereira (ed.) 2012 Ao Cair do Pano: sobre a formação do quotidiano num contexto (des)industrializado do Vale do Ave Monograph Porto: Afrontamento Portugese economic sociology
sociology of work
Education sociology

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