Author(s) Year of Publication Title Type Place of Publication Language  Topic(s)
Bennett, Tony et al. 2009 Culture, Class, Distinction Edited volume London: Routledge English cultural sociology
Sociologica, Issue 7 2009 The international circulation of Bourdieu’s work (part 2) Journal volume Bologna: Il Mulino English sociology of intellectuals
Goodman, Jane E.; Silverstein, Paul A. (ed.) 2009 Bourdieu in Algeria. Colonial Politics, Ethnographic Practices, Theoretical Developments Edited volume University of Nebraska Press English anthropology
social theory
Le Roux, Brigitte and Rouanet, Henry 2010 Multiple Correspondence Analysis Monograph London: SAGE English Sociological Methods
Speller, John R.W. 2011 Bourdieu and Literature Monograph Cambridge: Open Book Publishers English sociology of literature
sociology of intellectuals
cultural sociology
Yves Dezalay and Bryant Garth 2011 Lawyers and the Construction of Transnational Justice Edited volume London: Routledge English sociology of law
sociology of internationalization
Robbins, Derek 2011 French Post-War Social Theory. International Knowledge Transfer Monograph London English sociology
Epistemology of social sciences
Pierre Bourdieu, Franz Schultheis, Christine Frisinghelli 2012 Picturing Algeria Edited volume Columbia University Press English Algeria
Schäfer, Heinrich Wilhelm 2015 HabitusAnalysis 1. Epistemology and Language Monograph Wiesbaden: Springer English social theory
Pierre Bourdieu
Schmitz, Andreas 2016 The Structure of Digital Partner Choice - A Bourdieusian perspective Monograph Springer International English sociology

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