Multiple Correspondence Analysis

Author(s) Le Roux, Brigitte and Rouanet, Henry
Year of Publication 2010
Title Multiple Correspondence Analysis
Type Monograph
Place of Publication London: SAGE
Topic(s) Sociological Methods
Short Description Requiring no prior knowledge of correspondence analysis, this text provides a nontechnical introduction to Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) as a method in its own right. The authors, Brigitte LeRoux and Henry Rouanet, present thematerial in a practical manner, keeping the needs of researchers foremost in mind. Key Features Readers learn how to construct geometric spaces from relevant data, formulate questions of interest, and link statistical interpretation to geometric representations. They also learn how to perform structured data analysis and to draw inferential conclusions from MCA. The text uses real examples to help explain concepts. The authors stress the distinctive capacity of MCA to handle full-scale research studies. This supplementary text is appropriate for any graduate-level, intermediate, or advanced statistics course across the social and behavioral sciences, as well as for individual researchers. Table of contents: About the Authors Series Editor's Introduction Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. The Geometry of a Cloud of Points 3. The Method of Multiple Correspondence Analysis 4. Structured Data Analysis 5. Inductive Data Analysis 6. Full-Scale Research Studies Appendix References Index
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Language English


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