Culture, Class, Distinction

Author(s) Bennett, Tony et al.
Year of Publication 2009
Title Culture, Class, Distinction
Type Edited volume
Place of Publication London: Routledge
Topic(s) cultural sociology
Short Description Drawing on the first systematic study of cultural capital in contemporary Britain, Culture, Class, Distinction examines the role played by culture in the relationships between class, gender and ethnicity. Its findings promise a major revaluation of the legacy of Pierre Bourdieu’s account of the relationships between class and culture. Many books are being written about Pierre Bourdieu, turning him into a theoretical "classic". But Bennett, Savage and their colleagues have written a book to read alongside Bourdieu, using his work as a model and stimulation for continuing empirical inquiry. With rich new data they tackle the question of how specific Bourdieu’s famous analysis of Distinction is to France. They show tastes are different in Britain, but that the analytic framework linking tastes to class, cultural capital and habitus is not only transportable but effective and revealing. This is an important book. Craig Calhoun, President of the Social Science Research Council
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Language English


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