Gérard Mauger on the political implications of Bourdieu's work


Gérard Mauger, research director at the Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique de la Sorbonne (CNRS/EHESS, Paris), highlights the political implications of Pierre Bourdieu's work in a paper presented at the conference "Was tun mit dem...

Intellectual engagement and public sociology


The March 2009 issue of "Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales" is dedicated to the question of intellectual engagement and political agency in (the) public (field of) sociology. An outlook.

Proposals for a Charter for the European Social Movement


A text authored by Pierre Bourdieu and other members of the Raisons d'agir-collective following a series of meetings and discussions with representatives of various social movements and unions.

The essence of neoliberalism. Utopia of endless exploitation


What is neoliberalism? A programme for destroying collective structures which may impede the pure market logic. In: Le Monde diplomatique, December 1998, Translated by Jeremy J. Shapiro
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The Raisons d’agir section publishes current critical interventions and political statements by scientists, intellectuals and artists within the Foundation’s ambit and provides a platform for exchange with representatives of social movements. It also includes dossiers and interviews on pressing political issues. Special attention is given to the changes at European universities.